Art and Innovation Hub, Window Project, "E.A. Shared Space" 14.12.2019- 31.01.2020


Just a “few minutes ago”, unthinkably, we found ourselves in a new reality of global frustration, informational inundation, narcissism, technological naivety and depreciation of values in a “post-post” reality, where perspectives for future are vague. It is clear that our surroundings will no longer be the same - apocalypse, demons and collective fears of humanity have never been as close to materialization as today. We might leave and exist without revelations, where everything is seemingly already discovered. Or we may just exaggerate. Future perspectives might be much brighter - we will adept, change, come to life and die. However, the latter is doubtful… Immortality has never been so close. Our mind, each second experienced by us can be transformed into eternal loop of embodiment.

Under the light of these global processes what are the circumstances where Georgia has become a field for endless succession of political spectacles? The place where principles of peaceful co-existence, aspired towards creation of better life and well-being are seen in trivial manner and symbiosis of politics with dominant monopolies worships and egocentrically strengthens “the shrine” of holy-power-temple.

And yet, what is the role of our individual expression here and now? Where are we and where is the image of the post-post reality? Or what is the language of art, that we speak? Post.Digital.Dreams follows these questions in the process of thought and reflection.

At the Art & Innovation Hub Post.Digital.Dreams presents 16 local and international artists in the dialogue format reflecting current transforming times where fast-paced technological development, irreversible process of dissemination of digital information, constant online connection of time and space, media manipulations, “fake news”, alternative or simulated realities fundamentally transform perspectives of human perception and representation.

"E. A. Shared Space" brings together six authors, where each one, not only follows technological exploration, but is also closely linked to social and political issues of the local context and conveys particular meanings.

Vato Urushadze, Khatia Tchokhonelidze, Giorgi Spanderashvili


Art and Innovation Hub:
Alexandra Barancova & Jae Perris, Aleksi Soselia, Ana Gzirishvili, Anna Katrin Elmer & Julia Wolf, Bakar Migriauli, Barbora Gallo, Elene Gabrichidze, Giorgi Gedevanidze, Giorgi Maghradze, Levan Kakabadze & Mariam Lomadze, Nikoloz Kapanadze & Guga Vardiashvili, Part-time Suite, Pedro Ferreira, Qeu Meparishvili, Saveliy Sharkov – Solertinskiy, Sissy Schneider.

"E. A. Shared Space":
Anna Dziapshipa, Gigi Guledani, Irakli Lomsadze, Ivliane Chitadze, Tamar Kalandadze & Julien Pebrel, Tamar Gurgenidze.

Window Project:
Vasil Macharadze

The project is realized by the financial support of: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, Goethe Institut Georgien and Students Alumni Association of International Education Center.
Partners: Edison Tech Solutions, Art & Innovations Hub, E.A. Shared Space, Window Project, Artarea tv.

Ana Gzirishvili | Life of my ghost
Ana Gzirishvili | Life of my ghost | 2-channel video installation

Nikoloz Kapanadze and Guga Vardiashvili | μ
Nikoloz Kapanadze and Guga Vardiashvili | μ | particle detectors, raspberry pi

Bakar Migriauli | Untitled Object #4
Bakar Migriauli | Untitled Object #4 | 3D print, electronics, video Image

Giorgi Gedevanidze| RatKing
Giorgi Gedevanidze| RatKing | VR Installation

Anna Katrin Elmer and Julia Wolf | Performing Proximity
Anna Katrin Elmer and Julia Wolf | Performing Proximity | audiovisual installation, performance

Elene Gabrichidze | Descent Online
Elene Gabrichidze | Descent Online | mixed media

Pedro Ferreira | On A Scroll Through The Cloud
Pedro Ferreira | On A Scroll Through The Cloud | interactive audiovisual installation, computer game