In-between Conditions announces an open call for international contributions to the exhibition POST.DIGITAL.DREAMS

Deadline for submission of applications: October 15, 2019


Post.Digital.Dreams is a reflection on current transforming times where the fast-paced technological development, the irreversible process of dissemination of digital information, the constant online connection of time and space, media manipulations, “fake news”, alternative or simulated realities, all fundamentally transform perspectives of human perception and representation. In the post-digital era we are no longer surprised by technological advancements. The very first photo images of black holes, plans to colonize Mars, Elon Musk’s “Idée fixe” of the ubiquitous Internet connectivity, autonomous artificial intelligence, developments in neuroscience, possibilities of mind uploading and eternal digital life, media manipulations, migrations to social media and existence on the verge of the virtual and real worlds, have all become ordinary parts of our reality. Let’s say, our utopian dreams are transforming in dystopian realities.

It is obvious, that our environment will no longer be the same. The apocalypse and the demons accumulated in a collective consciousness of mankind have never been so close to becoming material as today. So commonplace all this has become, that we hardly give it very much thought.

One might say as well that the future perspective has never been clearer, as we adapt, transform, are born and die. Latter, however, has become questionable. Our mind, each and every second that we lived through, can be transformed into the endless circulation of immortality and embodiment. We can hardly ignore the fact that we are living in times of global tectonic changes and new challenges, the era in which existing conditions are being constantly replaced for a new one.

And yet, what is the role of our individual self-expression here and now? Where we stand and where is the image of the post-post reality? What is the language that can articulate conditions of the existing reality?

Description of the open call:

  • The open call sets the goal of finding authors who would like to work in the fields of new media art and science, and develop interdisciplinary and experimental ideas. Therefore, participation in the project is open to the representatives of any discipline with any level of professional experience;
  • Within the framework of the open call, ten ideas will be selected for participation in the exhibition Post.DigitaL.Dreams, which is scheduled for December 2019;
  • The competition is open to anyone who is active in any medium, field or discipline and who refers to the concept and issues of the exhibition through different [media] artistic and scientific practices;
  • A suggested idea may be realized in any format: installation/object, research, performance, prototype, software, experiment, workshop, lecture, film, games etc.;
  • Applicants are free to suggest ideas for individual as well as collective works; Exhibition space(s) will be selected based on the winning ideas;
    Note: the exhibition space can also be part of the idea itself. Accordingly, the applicants are allowed to offer the organizers their vision of how to present the idea.

What kind of ideas will be given the advantage?

  • Advantage will be given to the projects with multidisciplinary approach, ideas that are based on synthesis of science, technology and art;
  • Advantage will be given to projects that resonate with scientific research resources, institutions and spaces available in Georgia;
  • Advantage will be given to research-based ideas;

Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • 1 page long clear description of the idea;
  • List of technical and material resources which are needed for realization of the project;
  • In the case of existence a visual presentation of the idea in any suitable format (photo, sketch, graphic image, render, additional text, video, sound, etc.);
  • If the size of the file exceeds the limit allowed by the e-mail, applicants can use applications such as Google Drive, Wetransfer or any other secure file sharing method;
  • Name and surname of the applicant and contact information;
  • Portfolio or CV;

How to submit the idea?

Please, send your applications to the following email address:

Selection process and the dates:

  • Deadline for submission of the ideas: October 15th, 2019;
  • Authors of the selected ideas will be contacted within 10 days of the deadline. Notification of the winners will be followed by a phase of active communication, elaboration of the budget and work on the development of the idea for the exhibition;
  • It is possible to arrange consulting meetings during the open call period;